We are the first and only Predictive Supply-Side Platform.
A platform that predicts, based on previous auctions, which of the DSPs will offer the highest bid, and makes a request for the most profitable advertising offer immediately, before the auction.
Мы являемся первой и единственной Predictive Supply-Side Platform
Платформа, предсказывающая на основе предыдущих аукционов, какая из DSP предложит наиболее высокую ставку и делающая запрос наиболее выгодного рекламного оффера моментально, до проведения аукциона.
Хочу увеличить доход!
Data on past impressions of DSP is analyzed by metrics such as CPM, CTR, etc. for the vertical of ad not only by impressions on the site of the publisher, but also in other traffic sources with a similar audience. Thanks to such a large database, learning is fast, and its analysis allows to achieve great accuracy in the prediction - in 90% of cases, the algorithm correctly determines the winner of the auction before it happen.
Long-Term CPM Enhancement Algorithm
Imagine a person interested in motorcycles. We are faced with a choice between advertisers of motorcycle equipment and motorcycles. If a person clicked on advertisements with both motorcycle equipment and motorbikes, then we will give equal chances to both advertisers and CPM will decide everything, but if, according to our statistics of impressions, he will be interested only in motorbikes, then we will show it, even if such ads have CPM below. This allows you to achieve a high CTR, for which advertisers are willing to pay more, which in the long run will lead to an increase in CPM, and on a much larger scale than with short-term profit.
Our PSSP is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of advertising requests per second and providing response times of less than 100ms. This is achieved through a distributed high-performance low-level application layer in C ++
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